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The icon of the first type of art deco we mentioned was the flapper with bobbed hair and scant clothing who danced with the moon as if it were a beach ball. The most important showcase for the style was the 1925 Paris Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs (thus the English designation, art deco). This was a luxury style, a style espoused by artists, and it had a very short run. By the late 1920s or early 30s, it was no longer in vogue and had been replaced by similar styles that were mass-produced and lacking in any real artistic soul (in our jaundiced opinion). The lamp in today's question is from this later time frame. The lamp itself is poorly cast from either iron or pot metal (instead of bronze), and the two figures are so lacking in detail that it is hard to tell exactly what they are. Both figures appear to be female and are dressed in similar bathing costumes that would have been popular during the late 1920s-30s period. They may represent mother and daughter with one comforting another, but it is also possible they are a second quarter of the 20th century interpretation of a mythological subject.

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A fashion journalist writes fashion articles describing the garments presented or fashion trends, for magazines or newspapers. They must be able to decide which ideas to incorporate into their designs. Thanks” “The product is great. It may surprise you how much studying something like typography can teach you about fashion design. 6 Learn about fashion. Digital Fashion Pro was created to give you the ability to design any fashion style you want easily and effectively, even if you have no prior experience.  They may work alone or as part of a team. The idea here is not to be anatomically correct, and most designers’ croquis drawings are rendered in some kind of personal style. In addition, it may be necessary for some fashion designers to relocate because employment opportunities for fashion designers are concentrated in New York and California.